Buyers Testimonials

Amanda C – “Our home purchase was completely seamless

We worked with Marco on the purchase of our first home and could not say enough wonderful things about our experience.  We first met Marco at an open house that he was running.  His overall demeanor and friendly approach led us to call him a month later when we were seriously starting our home search.  Marco was patient and accommodating to our requests in what we were looking for (which was a wide range of locations!)  He took the time to identify homes that matched our criteria and was never trying to extend our price range.  On the second day of house hunting, we found a home we loved and Marco provided us with guidance and insight on the offer process.  Our home purchase was completely seamless and Marco offered suggestions and referrals  throughout the process and even after closing.
Working with Marco we received such personalized attention, responsiveness and accessibility that we felt as though we were his only clients – even though we knew how busy he was!   I would (and have) recommeded Marco to anyone who is looking for an outstanding realtor!

Amanda C

Anthony G – “ I have never met a person in the real estate industry that will go above and beyond for your needs.

I was referred to Jem by a very close friend of mine. He told me to try her out that Jem is a very hard working woman. It all started with the first phone call. I was very impressed to just hear all her experience she has. Jem made me feel comfortable from the start. She first gets a feel for what you want. From there she takes off in looking in every corner for the dream house you want. It took me a year and a couple a months to find the home I’m in now. I almost gave up and Jem was always there to make sure I buy my house. I have never met a person in the real estate industry that will go above and beyond for your needs. I always recommend her to everyone that is looking for a  property. One more thing always with a smile.

Thank you Jem for all your help and expertise in helping my family and I buy our Home sweet Home….

Anthony G


Jennifer M  – “ Made us feel like we were his main priority

Wanted to thank Marco Clavijo from  Elite Real Estate Associates for making my buying experience So smooth and professional! He was very attentive and found all the possibilities in what we thought would be impossible, always answered all our questions right away and made us feel like we were his main priority, couldn’t ask for anything more my family and I will be for ever grateful for helping us find our dream home! Thanks again ! I highly recommend him
And his team trust me you will not regret it !

Jennifer M


Karla T – “Makes the whole home buying process so much easier

Jem makes the whole home buying process so much easier, holds your hand and explains everything! I’ve worked with her for almost a decade now, she has helped me with renting my apt, buying a home and has helped my friends.

Karla T


Francisco M  – “Service was outstanding!

Service was outstanding! Truly professional and dedicated to fulfill the customer needs and preferences. Even when we had to do marathon house hunting due to time constraints. Thanks Jem for a wonderful experience for me and my wife.

Francisco M 


Mariel C – “ Marco and his team truly care about what is in the best interest for their clients

This group of professionals will always get our business. Marco and his team truly care about what is in the best interest for their clients. No job is too small: if it’s important to you, then its important to them. They have gone on the house hunting “journey” with us 3 times now, and each time they work extra hard to make our dreams come true. Thank you for your patience and we will forever be your loyal clients.

Mariel C


Sydney H  – “I would highly recommend them

Jem and Marco were wonderful helping me find the perfect first home! They listened to my requirements and only showed me suitable properties making my decision so easy! Easy to contact and always available when I needed them. I would highly recommend them.

Sydney H


Lauren R – “No one will negotiate and fight for you like they will”

As a first time homebuyer, I had high expectations and a very tight budget.  The process was long and difficult but, they always took time to answer my millions of questions and reassure me of my decisions.

From the beginning, Natacha showed me numerous homes and, listed the pros and cons of every home.  Natacha and I explored different neighborhoods, town homes, single family homes, short sales, foreclosures… you name it and, we saw it.

Of course, the first home we chose was a difficult short sale.  Unfortunately, despite the alluring price tag and the fairytale short sale process shown on hgtv… we did not get the short sale.  However, Natacha and Marco never gave up even when, I was ready to flee the difficult Miami market.  My husband and I took time to grieve and then, we were right back out there on the great pursuit.

In the end, we not only purchased a great starter home; but, a home with upgrades  (A POOL!!)  and got a great deal!!! People may think that they can find their own homes on all these real estate apps (especially old me) but, no one will negotiate and fight for you like they will.   After this process, they have become true friends and I look forward to working with them on many more projects.

I would recommend their services to anyone in finding a new home.

Lauren R


Dalilah B  – “He’s very knowledgeable, and highly professional”

Words really cannot express how grateful I am for everything Marco did to make the home buying process run smoothly. He was always available to answer all my questions, he’s very knowledgeable, and highly professional. He takes into consideration his clients needs, and I appreciate that. I closed on my house yesterday and I honestly couldn’t be happier. Thank you Marco!

Dalilah B


Jennifer C – “I can’t say enough about Marco. He has been exceptional!”

I can’t say enough about Marco. He has been exceptional! Not only did he help us through the purchase of our new home, he also assisted us in getting our condo rented quickly and for the price we wanted. 

Thank you Marco for answering every crazy question; for talking me off the ledge (more than once!); for being there every step of the way; and mostly for being a great friend and treating us like family! You’ve got a customer for life. THANK YOU!!

Jennifer C

Michelle C – “He will walk you through every step of the way”

I want to recommend our Real Estate Agent, Marco Clavijo. I want to start by stressing the fact that he will walk you through every step of the way. He takes the time to listen to what you want in a home and promptly provides a listing for you to view. He arranges the showing of the home to fit your schedule and can actually make this strenuous time a pleasant one. After you find your home, he will make sure you get the fairest price and terms. He returns EVERY single phone call, if he is busy he will text you with an approximate time when he will call you back! I know this for a fact, I called him more than 10-12 times in one day and not only did he call me back, he was ALWAYS nice, courteous, respectful, empathetic and extremely professional. Marco helped my husband and I find the financing, the perfect home and then remodel the entire home. He found us the contractors and supervised every step of the renovation. We moved in and I’m still calling him for questions and he still answers and guides us with genuine kindness. I can not recommend him highly enough. I am an extremely meticulous, organized and perfectionist and he was able to keep me calm, even when I freaked out his calming manner would get me to relax. My husband and I recommend him and his company to everyone we know or asks us about our home. We do not have one single complaint, and that is extremely hard as anyone who is or has ever bought a home knows!

Michelle C


Ricardo T – “My family and I will always be grateful for Marco’s help and guidance”


We had the pleasure to work with Marco during the purchase of our first home.  He was kind enough to explain every detail of the operation with patience and plenty of knowledge.  He’s always a step ahead during the process and ready for anything may happen in order to expedite and make the process of buying a house less stressful.   My family and I will always be grateful for Marco’s help and guidance not only as a professional but also as a new friend who was always on our side to make this big step of our life memorable. We are sure this will not be the only property we purchase with him and his team and also we will always be looking for referals from friends and family which should experience the same outstanding customer service.

Ricardo T


Lydia P – “Due to your dedication and determination you were able to find my dream home”


Finding the right place to live isn’t always an easy decision. I can remember being stressed out and wanting to quit looking but you made me think positive throughout the entire process. After giving you my vision of what I wanted, you absolutely made my dreams come true.  Due to your dedication and determination you were able to find my dream home. Not only did you find the perfect place, you also guided me into making the right choice to match my budget. You really showed that you had my best interest at heart. You were very patient with me and you took time out of your busy schedule to answer all of my questions. I greatly appreciate your help, time, and effort. I couldn’t have chosen a better realtor. I can’t wait to start this new chapter in my new home. I truly can’t thank you enough.

Lydia P


Kristy & Tony – “Honesty and integrity are two great qualities that reflect your character and business.” 


Thank you so much for all your help with finding us the perfect home. You truly made our experience effortless. We appreciate your patience and attentiveness. There were plenty of times that I couldn’t make all the necessary phone calls while at work, and there you were to help me with anything I needed. Honesty and integrity are two great qualities that reflect your character and business. We couldn’t have done it without you!!

Happy Homeowners,

Kristy & Tony F


Abuasad and Shazia  “The kind of service they provide cannot be found anywhere else.”

Dearest Jem,

For my husband and I becoming homeowners has been one of the biggest milestones in our lives. We wanted that feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment that you can only get from an achievement like this. The only reason we are even here today is because of Jem Clavijo and the Clavijo Team. Since we had been in the market looking for a house for almost a year, we were starting to get disheartened and couldn’t help feeling down. However, our ray of sunshine, Jem Clavijo, never let us give up and always turned our frowns upside down. Jem would always provide us with happy thoughts and her positive attitude. She let us know that we had her in the corner, always on the lookout and working hard to find us our dream home. Not only did she provide us with her counsel, she was always reminding our kids to keep a positive attitude. If it weren’t for Jam and the Clavijo Team’s full service client care, we would not have found our dream home. The kind of service they provide cannot be found anywhere else.  WE highly recommend this great duo to everyone!! 😉


Abuasad  & Shazia A


Cindy and William  – “We made great Friends”

On February 1st we had our first meeting with Marco and Jem of The Clavijo Team. The days and hours leading up to the meeting were very tense and strenuous for us because we knew what big changes were about to occur in our lives. My fiancé and I were about to purchase our first home and had no idea what obstacles or circumstances lay ahead, especially with all the horror stories we heard from other couples.

Fortunately we didn’t have to endure any of the heartaches and pains we heard so much about. Instead we met 2 incredible people who were a real blessing throughout the entire process. Our first meeting with Marco and Jem eased all anxiety we had as they laid out a step-by-step plan for us to follow and provided valuable resources to answer all of our questions. The best part was that they were extremely professional and were always a phone call or email away! That type of attention and customer service is difficult to find these days…in any industry. I cannot say enough about how pleased I am with the level of attention and genuine friendliness we received from both Marco and Jem! Also, with the unique circumstances in the real estate market today, it was good to know that our agents were extremely well informed and had answers and solutions for us at every turn. What figured to be a long, grueling search turned out to be a few weeks of casual exploring…next thing we knew we were closing in our Beautiful home!

I am sure we will maintain a professional relationship with Marco and Jem and I know we made great friends in the process. I would recommend them to anyone looking for quality real estate services from genuine. quality people.


 Cindy and William O


Lawrence W – “I knew I had a real estate agent for life!”

The process of buying a home is not built for the impatient. The process of me finding the perfect home took nearly a year to complete. The great thing about the journey was that it was led by a realtor of great experience and compassion for finding ones dream home. Jem Clavijo of the Clavijo team spearheaded the entire process. When things looked as though they were dark and melancholy, Jem always was the inspiration and that angel on my shoulder with “if it’s meant for you, it’s meant for you”. My patience definitely paid dividends in a process that changes your life forever. After the short sale of my future home fell through twice in the process, I was convinced that this one wasn’t for me.

However, on an early October morning I received a call from Jem Clavijo, with the news that changes one forever, “I have a new addendum for you to sign”. My patience drastically changed into elation.  At that point I knew this home was for me. Jem then turned her realtor hat into a master negotiator as she began to masterfully negotiate every possible concession that she could think of for me. At that point, I knew Jem Clavijo treated my money like it was her own. My “white knight” had pulled every conceivable string possible to ensure that my transition into my new home was as pleasant and easy as possible.

Unfortunately, with short sales come many loop holes to pass. By the end of the process, with the home and keys ready to be turned over there was one very big hurdle to overcome. The lending bank withdrew a concession that was earlier offered. The worst part about this withdrawal was that it was in the form of capital. This was news that had the short sale on the brink of extinction. But, Jem Clavijo skillfully without my knowledge hashed a plan to solve the problem without me bearing the burden. After that showing of giving to ensure my short sale was complete I knew I had a real estate agent for life! Thanks to Jem Clavijo and The Clavijo team I’m part of the home owners club.

 Lawrence W


 Gabriela & Nei  – “You don’t get this type of service anymore”

To The Clavijo Team,

I just wanted to thank you for the extraordinary work that you have done. I would not be a property owner if it wasn’t for you. Despite the horrible experience I had with my previous realtor I can easily say that it will be hard to find someone so determined, work focused, patient and above all, caring as you and your wife. Like you had said many times after meeting with me and my boyfriend in varies different occasions “as long as you guys are happy then I am happy, it does not matter if I lose a deal because at the end I know that I gain loyal clients, and I know that I achieved your goals and what you guys are looking for”. Your words couldn’t be more right and precise, and yes you and your wife have done just that! Despite the obstacles from the previous realtor, the challenge to close the deal with the seller, the unexpected last minutes demands you came through and made this one spectacular year already.

I also would like to mention the quality of your work is second to none. From all the print outs of different properties, the house appointments in which you were always on time or ahead of time, all of the questions and concerns in which you were always available and dedicated to explain the reasons behind it and why, the emails exchange and texting and  phone calls that were constant from the beginning to the end, it was the most pleasurable business deal that I have experienced so far in my life and I’ll definitely recommend you to my family and closest friends as you have been there supporting me every step. You don’t get this type of customer service now days anymore!

 Once again, I just want to express my appreciation for a great work that you have provided to me.

 Gabi & Nei S


Ivette B – Even on Vacation

Dear Marco,

 In one short year, you have seen me get married, get pregnant, and helped me buy my dream home… because in this same short year, you have also helped me sell two properties that I could no longer pay for and purchase the home where I plan to live for decades to come, raise my son (and hopefully his future brother or sister), host many family dinners, and grow old with my husband. Now, this is an emotional thank you to write – because I’m not sure a letter can express my gratitude towards you and your beautiful wife and partner, Jem (who I finally had the pleasure of meeting during this transaction).

When my husband and I decided to start looking for a home, we called you. You did something that I do not believe realtors do – and by the way, I hate referring to you as a “realtor” because you are so much more than just that. You came over to meet with us and really get to know us. You asked some very simple questions to learn about our priorities – both as individuals and as a couple. You warned us about what an emotional process buying a home could be, but you promised to always remind us of the things that are important to us. You were so easy to talk to and so open and honest. You walked into our home that day as a realtor, and you walked out as our friend and ally. It was no longer just my husband and I looking for a home; we now had someone who cared AND knew the industry/ market looking after us.

 Immediately, we were on your email listing based on the search parameters we provide. We received daily emails and had instant access to MLS listings. Anytime we sent you an email about a property we were interested in, we had a call back from you within less than 24 hours and an appointment to see it right away. And every time we saw a house, you brought us back you our very own priorities. You helped us to take our time as opposed to settle for something we didn’t really want. It really is a genius way to help people make such a huge decision; yet, “realtors” don’t take the time to do that.

Of course, of all the houses we saw, we set our eyes on a short sale. The process took six months from start to finish. It was an emotional process for us because all we wanted was to move in before our baby arrived – – and luckily, we got just that. You had a solution for any and every bump in the road, and you developed a strong working relationship with the sellers’ realtor. As a result, we were informed about progress and delays every step of the way. Looking back, the moment I remember most was seeing your name on my caller ID while you were on vacation in Alaska! That phone call was a turning point in my family’s life – you gave me the good news that the bank approval had come in and that closing would take place in the next week. I was so happy and so appreciative that the call came from YOU, especially while on vacation on the other side of the country. Again, crying those happy tears was a moment I shared with a friend who cared.

To top things off, our first delivery was a housewarming gift from you and Jem – chocolate covered strawberries, which made a pregnant me very happy. Our SECOND delivery was also from you and Jem – beautiful candles with wishes that I’m keeping for my son, from you guys. My eyes water as I type THANK YOU once more.

Marco. As much as I love working with you, I will not be buying or selling real estate any time soon, but that’s your faultJ. Because of you, I successfully sold two properties and am now in my dream home. However, I will ALWAYS, WITHOUT A DOUBT recommend you to my friends and family or even strangers who bring up real estate to me, and the minute I get back into the market, I will only be calling you, my realtor, and now, my friend.

Again, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. I really hope you know how much you are appreciated and how great you are at what you do.

Sincerely yours,

Ivette  B


Marley & Kathy – “Your Professionalism is rare”


Please accept this gift as a small token of our appreciation for all your hard work & endless thoughtfulness. We wanted to make sure you knew that is all cherished, respected and not in vain. We couldn’t have picked a better agent to assist us in selling our home and with the purchase of our new home, which are both big changes and important decisions in our lives. Your professionalism is rare, and it’s reflection of your current and future success. You always went above and beyond. Thank you again for everything.

 Marley & Kathy P


Guo – “My favorite Real Estate Broker”

 Jem was recommended by my client earlier 2011, since then she has been helping me for my real estate investment needs. In my past seven year’s investment career, I had worked with number of brokers. I felt that Jem is so much different from others. It is not only just her professionalism, but most important is her personality. She is a warm, enthusiastic, humbling, hard working and extremely patient lovely lady. She always put client’s interest first. I am so pleased to work with her to fulfill my real estate investment goal. And I am more than happy to recommend her to my families, relatives and friends. I wish her and congratulate her doing very well in real estate industry. I am surely that more and more people will be benefit from her expertise.

Guo Z



Eliecer  –  “Attention to Detail”

Jem’s professionalism, follow-through and attention to detail allowed our home search & buying process to run smoothly. She really took the time to understand what we were looking for and once we found our home we were able to close within a month. She also took the time to answer our questions in great detail and in a timely manner. We would definitely recommend Jem to anyone interested in buying a home.”

Eli and Carol V


 Farah  –  “A miracle happened”

In the summer of 2010 I began the search of finding a home for me and my very small family. In the beginning I thought it was going to be a very easy process giving the fact that I was buying cash. Boy was I wrong! Finding the perfect home within my price range was so difficult that I got discouraged very early in the process. The many agents I worked with were not helpful; I felt that many of them were too busy to help me or were not competent enough. After months and months of searching with no finding, a miracle happened. I met Marco Clavijo who was nothing like these other agents. He’s thorough, professional, knowledgeable and a dedicated, hardworking agent. Just when I thought I couldn’t get a good deal, he made it happen and the process only lasted a few weeks! I can say that my first time home buying process went very smoothly because of Marco who acted very promptly, went far beyond my expectations and offered lot of valuable information that  I really needed at the time. Marco; I would like to personally thank you for your exceptional service, you helped me found the best home for me and my family. I recommend Marco Clavijo to anyone who is looking for an efficient, experienced and reliable agent; Look no further guys he’s the real deal!

Farah P